Vendor Registration Policy

Vendor registration is a part of expanding competent vendor base to cater to Bahuvida Limited needs of growing profile requirements. We have structured vendor registration procedure for prospective vendors. This procedure starts with submitting details through online Vendor Registration Form. Approved vendor list is reviewed and updated twice in a year. This updation includes adding new prospective vendors and also deleting existing vendors based on their performance feedback received from all concerned departments i.e. planning, procurement, quality control, supply chain and clients as well.

Bahuvida Limited endeavors to integrate sustainability in the procurement process for its products and services across its diversified business portfolio. We committed to providing products and services that offer best-in-class quality and user experience. With a continually growing portfolio of businesses that use agro commodity products, we endeavors to use sustainably sourced raw-materials with internationally accepted standards in relevant businesses. We believe all vendors are important stakeholders in the company and it is imperative to build a culture of mutual trust and respect, interdependence and meaningful engagement. This approach helps in building, strengthening and sustaining harmonious vendor relations across the company's business operations.

At Bahuvida Limited, we recognize that our business commitments will be fulfilled only with the active participation and cooperation of our vendors. This makes our vendor an extension of our organization, and a partner in our business. Our dealings with our vendor reflect the respect, cooperation, reciprocation and sense of fairness. It is therefore our constant endeavor to strive for a transparent and efficient collaboration with world-class vendors who meet our stringent qualifying criteria, and deliver as per the mutually agreed terms, so that, in the final analysis, everyone in the corporate business chain - clients, shareholders, vendors themselves, benefit. Our policy, simply stated, is to procure materials/services of the right quality, with timely delivery schedules, at the most economical prices.

Vendor Registration Procedure
Step - I

The first step would involve a formal request submission from prospective vendor through online Vendor Registration Form along with necessary supporting documents as mentioned in the form.

Step - II

The vendor form along with the supporting documents is forwarded to General Manager (Procurement). The vendor selection team carefully scrutinizes the adequacy and authenticity of the information, statements, documents furnished by the prospective vendor and any ambiguity, clarification/information required is obtained from the vendor.

Step - III

After recommendation of the vendor selection team for registration of the firm, the recommended documents will be sent for Director’s/Management approval. After final approval the registration certificate will be issued to the vendor intimating that their registration number.

Bahuvida Limited invites established vendors with proven track record in quality, cost and delivery. Cost effective and reliable vendors are essential to sustain our corporate vision of competitive leadership, technical excellence and world class quality. We invite you to join us on this magnificent journey of innovation and inclusive growth. Click here for vendor registration. Click here for vendor registration