Imports & Exports

One of the most critical tasks that Bahuvida Limited executes on behalf of its customers is imports and exports of agricultural and essential commodities. Because this area is of fundamental importance to its customers' success, Bahuvida Limited has assembled a team of seasoned professionals to navigate the complexity of getting commodity into and out of India. Bahuvida's attention to this area of its clients business in India enables processors and manufacturers to be able to concentrate their attention and energies on their core production activities.

In terms of imports, companies that are manufacturing in India meet their production schedules and successfully service their customers when raw materials are delivered to their Indian manufacturing facilities on-time, without administrative glitches, and without incurring potentially costly customs fines. Bahuvida's reliable service in this essential area means that companies reduce their risks before customs authorities. Also, because of this, production lines stay up and running.

As it is the legal "Importer of Record" for its customers in India, Bahuvida Limited is recognized by Director General of Foreign Trade (DGFT), Govt. of India, New Delhi. In order to ensure a high level of accuracy, efficiency, and success in imports or exports, Bahuvida has put together a team of in-house experts to perform this critical task. Bahuvida Limited professionals perform the following import or export functions that include:

  • The preparation of Commercial Invoice, this is primary import or export shipping document. It is required for all commercial border crossings into or out of the country;
  • The collection and preparation of commercial invoices, the commercial invoice is a legal document that is executed between a supplier and its customer that in clear detail describes sold commodity, and the amount due by the buyer if any. It is one of the main documents that are used by customs to determine whether or not duties will be charged;
  • The processing of additional documentation required by customs department such as bill of lading, packing list, certificate of origin, etc... Among these items the certificate of origin, in particular, is of great importance. It is a widely used document used in import and export transactions which attests that the commodity listed therein has met criteria to be considered as originating in particular country;
  • The processing of documents that are used in in-bond shipping;
  • The classification of raw materials, supplies, commodity, and finished goods for customs purposes. Correctly classifying goods is necessary to avoid duties and tariffs, as well as to avoid any possible fines;
  • The handling of goods that may be subject to quotas or other customs restrictions;
  • The clearing of hazardous materials according to laws governing the activity in India while importing and in the particular country while exporting;
  • The maintenance of relationships with customs department, shipping and logistics agencies such as stevedoring, carrying and forwarding, vessel charterers, ship chandlers, customs house agents, container handlers as well as with health and safety authorities within the port area;

Although Bahuvida Limited's client companies are considered the "Importer of Record" when exporting finished goods or any commodity from India to any other country, Bahuvida assists by putting them in touch with reputable and reliable customs brokerages on the other side of the border. When exporting from India to any other country, it is required that companies obtain the services of a licensed customs broker. Despite this fact, Bahuvida Limited does provide assistance by helping its clients to file electronic documents with other side customs brokers and does coordinate with those brokers when such action is necessary.