Farmer First

Farmer First is not just a slogan, it's our business philosophy. We are trying to bring farmer forefront of the country and back in the profitable position of agriculture. We believe that farmer is the patron of the Indian economy, yet they realize the lowest profits. The Bahuvida Limited's #FarmerFirst initiative is a multi-stakeholder coalition. The coalition enjoys the support of more than 50 corporate companies who are directly responding to the farmers, agripreneurs and industry as well as agricultural development organizations like us. The concept of #FarmerFirst invented and organizing by Bahuvida as farmer in a centric role for post-harvest activities like marketing and selling of their agri produces at maximum market price.

Our Farmer First initiative exists to identify and promote the many ways in which sustainable agricultural development can be advanced in India. With one strong voice, Farmer First highlights the importance of improving farmers' livelihoods as well as the important contribution that agriculture can make to related nation issues such as food security, climate change, and biodiversity. It also aims to build synergy among its supporters and farmers in promoting Farmer First mission. Bahuvida is working together with corporate agri industries/companies to enable the many millions of farm families, especially smallholders, to grow more crops sustainably through its effective cooperative business model.

Farmer First Mission:
Our Farmer First initiative supporters endorse a broad-based framework consisting of six principles for sustainable farmer development:
  • Safeguarding farmer's interests.
  • Knowledge sharing.
  • Building direct markets access/private mandi's.
  • Reducing post-harvest lose.
  • Enabling global markets access.
  • Minimum support price guarantee.

Millions of smallholder famers live in remote areas, and are often isolated from market opportunities. Our initiative main object is connecting these farmers directly with private markets and are happening in many ways - resulting from social, technical and scientific advances. These advances help farmers find and share up-to-date market pricing information, protect and add value to their farm produces, reduce risk, and access finance. These innovations can be used and accelerated by us all across the agricultural value chain to reduce transaction costs and risk while helping to give farmers equal access to the opportunities that exist through our commodity trade.

We are farmer's independent and unbiased business partner, and bringing them into the power of a direct market network of thousands of fellow corporate agri industries/companies. We are not just making money by trading farm produces; we are always anonymous and securing farmer interest. Everything we build is for farmer benefit and to help them thrive. Many of our employees grew-up on farms, in farming families, or still farm today. It's a simple business philosophy, and something we take very seriously, and very personally.