Contract Farming

Agriculture is the bedrock of our farm to factory model - the very foundation of our commitment to consistent quality and safety in both farm produce and process. Bahuvida Limited operates contract farming method to secure some of the major agro commodities. Our regular orders are converted into crop sowing plans, allowing for resource control in agriculture leading to agro products with perfect quality. These agro products we sell thus meet regulatory standards in India.

The best growing areas for various crops have been identified based on years of experience. In India we mainly grow Indian Yellow Maize in the southern states of Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. Our contract farming operations have a positive socio-economic footprint impacting for more than 1,000 farmers in key growing districts of said states. Our operations positively impact rural economy and stakeholders such as farmers, farm workers and staff for contract farming operations. Women contribute significantly to our activities.

The process of contract farming begins with pre-season contracts with farmers, thereby enabling a commitment to fair price. We source and provide farmers the highest quality seeds that are suitable for growing in particular climatic conditions to produce yields that adhere to quality standards that meet our customer requirements. In order to achieve this, we work with internationally renowned seed companies to select the best quality seeds determined through research and development trials.

The farmers we work with are supported in growing crops through the technical guidance by qualified field personnel involving farmer training programmes. Communication on appropriate crop rotation practices and field sanitation is provided and field visits are monitored. The financing of crop growing by Bahuvida through input supplies enables small and marginal farmers to take up crop growing. In case of adverse weather, any losses due to crop failure are borne by the farmers. In order to nurture the relationship with farmers, field and factory trips are held to educate them about good agriculture practices and recognize the best farmers.

Our good agriculture practices enable differentiation in product quality and farmer yields. In order to enable least time lag between harvesting and post-harvest process, we also provide last mile pick-ups at farms. Sustainable agriculture practices result in environmental protection and safe products for our customers and end consumers.

We are improving farmer income and creating rural agripreneurship among unemployed rural youth. The company develops protocols for efficient farming of numerous agri products, oversees contract farming among small and medium farmers, processes the produce using innovative stacking methods and sells across India and exports to overseas markets.

We believe that the farmer is the only entrepreneur who takes the maximum amount of risk amongst all of us. To be a highly rewarding and socially impacting enterprise in contract farming and agri value chain; we at Bahuvida Limited intend to take mitigate some of this risk by providing them assured income. Bahuvida is renowned for its fair-trade of contract farming and farm produces as a processor and exporter; a first of its kind in India.