Wheat is a crop of global significance; it is one of the most important and largest cultivated grain crops in India, and counts as a staple food grain for a majority of countries. It is also one of the most traded agro commodities. In India, it holds a revered position in agriculture, and with annual yields increasing to almost 96 MMT in 2015, India is the second largest producer of wheat after China, and had accounted for approximately 14% share in the total world wheat production as of 2015.

Bahuvida Limited has been a major exporter of agro commodities like wheat; we have built a formidable reputation as an exporter of quality wheat at value prices. Our wheat that is exported, normally, has moisture not exceeding 12%, minimum protein of 11.5%, and gluten at minimum 26%, which allows us to be a strong competitor to wheat from other countries. Due to favorable logistical advantages, India is now a preferred source for exports to such destinations as Bangladesh, Middle-East Asia, South-East Asia and African countries.

We at Bahuvida believe when we are exporting we are representing our nation. Our PAN India presence helps us to source high quality wheat directly from the farmers and local mandi's and meets buyer's specific requirements. We are experienced in handling high volumes, while meeting the specific quality and quantity requirements of domestic customers across various industries and global markets.

We Offer:

  • Direct shipment to the buyers, both in bulk and baggage cargo.
  • Handling of export orders efficiently, ranging from one container load to charter vessels of 10,000 to 20,000 MT 's.
  • Large warehousing tie-ups across the country and also at all of the major ports.
  • Highly competitive prices to domestic customers and international traders.
  • World-class quality standards.
  • Offering supplies throughout the year.
  • Tailor made services for bulk buyers at national as well as international levels.
  • Trained executives to handle export assignments efficiently and to service export orders to the entire satisfaction of overseas buyers.

Business Practice:
We work with a global business perspective and our business operations are aligned with the 'best in class business practices'. Our clients are Private, Corporate, Government, Traders, Exporters, Importers, and Farmers Producers Organizations (FPO's).

A delightful experience is what we are known for:
To ensure that our customers must be served with high quality products we are committed to follow a holistic and sophisticated approach for cultivation of agri products. With the ever changing climate and pollution levels in the environment it becomes a challenge itself to harvest a healthy crop devoid of any pollutants, seeking to our wholehearted commitment towards our customers, we take this challenge as a duty and provide them with finest agri products upto mark on nutritional values. To make it possible Bahuvida is been consistently revising its techniques to incorporate latest technologies and innovative approaches in agriculture. This helps us to modernize our sourcing model to provide you agri products more efficiently as well as to preserve the traditional taste and quality of our products.

As the India's premium wheat market player, we are committed to deliver precision - perfect quality to our customers; nurture a professional work environment that fosters employee excellence, growth and customer satisfaction; and build a financially strong, growth oriented company that creates value for our stakeholders.