Warehousing and Quality Control

Bahuvida Limited is establishing an end-to-end supply chain network by creating Private Mandi's/Agricultural Market Yard's to provide warehousing, handling and transportation services across the nation. With decades of immaculate experience and planning in agro commodities trading allows the company to scale up its unmatched infrastructure to handle materials from several industry segments to an annual handling capacity of 3 million MT.

Over the years the company developed its sophisticated infrastructure, skilled resources and contemporary management practices. It's tremendous growth over the time, especially during the last decade, and professional conduct has made it the Choice of Industry. In addition, the company has forged alliances with transport majors to undertake any kind and volume of distribution through a large fleet.

Our qualified, competent and experienced teams delivering high quality services across our stateof-art professional network throughout the country have made us the fastest warehouses establisher in India. Our dedicated team has significant experience in the areas of warehouses establishing, management and all associated services including quality assaying and preservation techniques.

The fragmented nature of the commodity supply chain has resulted in a lack of standardized quality grading, leading to opacity in pricing and inefficient value realization by both sellers and end buyers. In order to address this challenge, we have developed in-house expertise and facilities for state-of-art services of quality assaying through our field level mobile labs. Our mobile labs are staffed with qualified chemists and techno-managers to oversee the process of assaying. We adopt best-in-class practices for testing, grading and certification, adhering to the requirements of the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS).

We have enough expert teams to conduct real-time testing of commodities deployed on the field at all our procurement locations throughout the country.