We, Bahuvida Limited are one of the premium Tobacco trading companies in India. since incorporated we have evolved into a highly reputed trading company with the activities spanning the complete supply-chain from seed-to-stack with comprehensive product portfolio. The highly competitive tobacco market represented tremendous growth potential to Bahuvida Limited. Foreseeing the demand for qualitative Indian tobacco, a long term strategy was formulated. Right from our inception, we adhered to international standards and made rapid inroads into global tobacco markets.

We have the industry knowledge, process expertise and scale of experience to deliver the highest quality tobacco across a broad spectrum. At the wheels are professionals with a breath of knowledge and experience in handling global markets. We have very good strategic alliances with tobacco giants at various tobacco grading and hand striping points strategically located in and around Guntur Dist. of Andhra Pradesh, India. We deal with all varieties of Indian tobacco, mainly Flue Cured Virginia, Burley, Sun Cured, Air Cured, Dark Air Cured, Fire Cured and many other tobaccos. We can pack in various forms like machine strips, hand strips, loose leaf (Butted and Non-Butted), straight laid, tangle leaf in cartons or in bales as per the client requirements.

Advantage of Bahuvida:

  • Govt. recognized export house
  • Ships to over 25+ countries across the globe.
  • Variants in machine strips, hand strips, butted and leaf form.
  • Wide range of blends.
  • Strategic alliances with 10+ tobacco giants in India.
  • 100 % adherence to delivery schedules.
  • Satisfied and committed customers in domestic and global markets
  • Thorough global market knowledge.
  • One of the leading names in Indian tobacco trade.

We continually strive to be a great company. Export opportunities for the enterprising are never limited. The world offers newer vistas to those with the dynamism and drive. At Bahuvida Limited, the bounty of the earth offers newer challenges each day. With continuous upgradation and value addition, we are ready to conquer new territories. Over the years we have built the trust and support of our esteemed customers in agricultural commodities segment. Emphasis on quality brings back its clientele year after year.

Andhra Pradesh is the primary growing state for tobacco in the country, operating from the tobacco heartland of India. we with a rich agricultural heritage of over 2 decades have been on the forefront promoting sustainable and inclusive growth opportunities for the tobacco suppliers through agribusiness and agri supply chain development. Bridging the gap between source and supply, Bahuvida Limited provides the ideal platform enabling Indian tobacco suppliers and international buyers to become procurement more productive and qualitative, even as the focus on output procurement presents a reliable source for the traders to deliver continued prosperity.