Spelt, also known as Dinkel Wheat or Hulled Wheat is a species of Wheat being cultivated in India. Spelt is one of the important staple in Europe; now it's a rising crop in India, and has also found new markets as a 'health food'.

Spelt trading is our forte, characterized by large volume trade in domestic spelt market and a notable presence in international trade. We at Bahuvida Limited export spelt and its derivatives and also import spelt into India. Our uncluttered organizational structure ensures agility and finesse in the way we conduct our business. This in turn ensures maximum flexibility in responding to the fast-changing conditions of the dynamic commodity trading environment to the benefit of our clients and suppliers.

Our strong domestic network has been built on a synergized approach of having direct linkage with suppliers of repute in the country, specialist freight forwarders, reputed shipping tie-ups, custom house agents and reliable transporters. Our time-tested collaboration with all the linkages in the spelt trading allows us to supply high quality spelt on time and at the right price, thereby maximizing mutual profitability and minimizing business risk.

Our source of network, with an annual spelt sourcing capacity of 1,00,000 MT's, ably complements our spelt sourcing capabilities. Our suppliers enjoy the benefits of our domestic trading expertise, market network and international business connections to expand their new horizons.

We at Bahuvida Limited, as a bulk volume trader in spelt, are committed to bridging the gap between major spelt producers and end buyers. We supply spelt to a select and regular clientele and have a strong presence in India. Furthermore, we supply spelt on annual contract basis to public distribution agencies of state governments for civil supplies.