Sorghum, also known as Jowar in Hindi and Jonnalu in Telugu is the fifth most important cereal crop in the world after rice, wheat, maize and barley. It is the third largest crop to be grown in India after rice and wheat which has more fats and proteins. This proves beneficial for the livestock and hence is the reason of the popularity of the crop as a feed. It is found in the arid and semiarid parts of the country, due to its feature of being extremely drought tolerant. The nutritional value of sorghum is same as of that of corn and that is why it is gaining importance as livestock feed. it also serves as a substitute to it. Sorghum is also used for ethanol production, producing grain alcohol, starch production, production of adhesives and paper other than being used as food and feed. Numerous types of genetically different sorghum available that are broadly categorized into four heads:

  • Grain sorghum (grown for grain)
  • Sorgos (grown for fodder)
  • Grass sorghum (wild jowar)
  • Broomcorn sorghum (used in making brooms)

India has ever been among the major producers of millets in the world. The country has been able to maintain its position among the top three producers. As already mentioned, millets are produced both as a summer and winter crop i.e. Khariff and Rabi in the country. India demands for the millets are on an increase due to the combined increase in the demand of various sectors using millets. India is capable of satisfying the domestic consumption demand and hence it emerges out to be a net exporter of the crop exporting the balance stocks. The exports are expected to rise in the coming years because of the following influencing factors:

  • Change in taste and preferences.
  • Farming system changes.
  • Alternative cropping strategies depending upon the factors like irrigation etc.
  • Demand from fodder industries from the global markets.

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