Bahuvida Limited has distinguished itself by being India's one of the leading raw salt exporter. With a continuous emphasis on quality, sourcing and supply, Bahuvida Limited is firmly entrenched in the Indian market and also exports to Southeast Asia and Middle East. Today we become a premium supplier and also have become as one of the largest raw salt exporter in India.

We have diversified the business on many counts and considerable sourcing channels have been added to source various varieties of high quality salts. Therefore depending on the orders, we source and export any type of salt with a premium quality. We source this salt from one of India's most integrated and inorganic chemical complexes, from the state-of-the-art facilities in India and have connectivity to all modes of transportations.

Bahuvida Limited is an absolutely client-focused company committed to consistently offer best quality salts at all the times. We have well qualified and experienced sourcing team to source, quality control, marketing and also for exports. The brand "Bahuvida" has grown quickly in the Indian salt industry. We look forward for advancement in India. We make a constant effort to understand sustainability aspects of the various stages of our supply chain. Our salt products are crucial for many industries. It is also used in the manufacturing of thousands of other commodities including textiles, paper, glass and rubber as well as in water softening systems for industrial and domestic use. When we acquiring new products we strive to obtain the highest quality at the most competitive rates, as we know this is the utmost importance to our clients.

We believe in product quality; Bahuvida Limited is an absolutely client-focused company committed to consistently offer highest quality products and services.

Product range:

  • Raw salt.
  • Crystalline salt.
  • Iodized salt.
  • Free flow salt.
  • Refined salt.
  • Industrial salt.

Our mission is to lead in corporate sustainability, focusing on 3 major elements:

  1. Sourcing Channels.
  2. Product Quality.
  3. Customer Satisfaction. And, also to procure and supply high quality edible and industrial salts at reasonable prices and arrange such developments in encountering present and future market challenges. Also to take such steps so as to reduce environmental pollution and also looking forward towards the health and safety of consumers. We have strong values and specific mission to expand it globally. Our aim is to provide prompt, efficient and reliable salt products in the industry.

Bahuvida Limited is committed to handle all our clients foreign trade needs quickly and efficiently. Bahuvida stream-less the imports exports process for both associates and agents. Apart from well qualified and experienced personnel with proper infrastructure for operations we provide quick solutions for complex exports and imports documentations, operations along with cost effective speedy forwarding.