Proso Millet

Proso millet, also known as Varigalu in Telugu is one of the small millets cultivated in specialized agriculture richness in India. It is the true millet of the history and is said to be as ancient as wheat. It is called by different names in many parts of the world as French millet, Hog millet and in India as Panivaragu, Cheena. It is cultivated in the himalayan region upto an altitude of 2000MSL. It is well known for its early maturity and drought withstanding ability.

The de-husked proso millet is nutritious and rich in protein 9.5-12.8%. It is eaten as cooked rice flour and is used to make unleavened roti or bread. Value added products such as parboiled, flaked, puffed, expanded, extruded, deep fried and noodles can be prepared.