Procurement of Commodities

The agro commodities supply chain in India suffers from a severe disconnect between end buyers and farmers. While farmers need to be able to sell their produce at fair market price in a timely manner, end buyers need to procure certified quality grades, in required bulk quantities and at the right time for their business needs. However, the lack of direct connection between end buyers and farmers poses risks to both. Additionally, seasonality of output coupled with quality variations and price volatility creates more complexity.

Considering the seasonality and perishability of agro commodities, which in-turn contributes to quality and price variability, agro industries depend heavily on procuring the right raw material. To enable end buyers to source the right quality and quantity at the right price and time, Bahuvida Limited facilitates integration with farmers for secure and reliable raw material supply. We leverage our in-depth knowledge of various commodities and the extensive backward linkages we have established with farmers to provide a highly cost-effective procurement method. Operating a nationwide sourcing network and transportation facilities across the country's largest agricultural producing regions, we efficiently source the agro commodities for our esteemed clients.

We serve as a commodity specific point of purchase for our clients. Deploying our wide range commodity expertise and extensive sourcing network linkages we undertake procurement of desired specifications of commodities at the mandi's or farm gate. With our mobile network of quality assaying labs, we test and grade the commodity quality on the spot, bringing transparency in pricing and value optimization by both end buyer and seller. Bahuvida ensures cost-efficient procurement services while meeting quality criteria and specifications of our clients. We have rich experience in identification of procurement points, designing procurement methods, minimizing supply chain costs and execution of delivery mechanism which ensure a win-win situation for all stakeholders.

With a consulting approach to our procurement strategy across the farm-to-factory chain, we ensure that agro processors are able to source high quality commodities at the most competitive terms. Currently, many of the world's leading food manufacturers and exporters rely on Bahuvida for sourcing high quality agro commodities and more farmers are enjoying the benefits of fair price discovery and efficient post harvest handling.