Non-Basmati Rice

Any rice other than basmati rice is named as Non Basmati Rice. In the world it has been reported that there are thousands of varieties of non basmati rice and out of which the maximum number are in India. Bahuvida Limited specializes in supply chain management of non basmati rice such as IR-64, IR-8, IR-36, IR-20, IR-50, PR-11, PR-14, GR-11, Pusa-677, Sona Masoori, Swarna, Ponni, Samba, Joha etc. The world needed quality non basmati rice from India in the global agro commodity market which was the reason the company marched ahead into this segment. When dealing with Bahuvida, customers receive the benefit of our two decades of experience, vast network of operations in 18 states. Bahuvida's renowned industry reputation ensures that they receive the best quality non basmati rice at the most competitive prices, and constantly adopting to the customers' requirements.

Bahuvida Limited presents exclusive range of non basmati rice that is cultivated from the finest farms of India. The aromatic flavor of our rice boasts of delectable taste and an essence that can mesmerize the food lovers. We source, distribute and export a wide range of non basmati rice from India. Owing to our intense knowledge and experience, we are able to cater pure Indian non basmati rice as per the market demand. Apart from this, we are among the renowned domestic rice trader and exporter based in India. Aromatic and rich nutritional values are some of the features of our non basmati rice that distinguish our product in global markets.

The non basmati rice we export is of superior quality and is free from dust, germs and stones. It has a rich taste and fine aroma. Non basmati rice comes in different sizes, some are long and slender, some are short and thick, some are like beads, and some may be round. Our domain expertise has assisted us sourcing, supply and exporting a much demanded gamut of non basmati rice. This rice is not much big in size but is really good in taste and smell.

We are a renowned exporter and supplier of Indian non basmati rice. We have close associations with the highly reputed manufacturers who have world class milling infrastructure and bring to you a collection that is superb on counts of quality, shelf life, nutrition and hygiene. We not only say but in literal sense execute timely deliveries without any delays.

We make available different varieties of Indian Non Basmati Rice in different variants such as Raw, Steam and Parboiled. also available from 5% to 100% broken ratio as per buyer requirement.
The major non basmati rice varieties which we deal are as below:

  • IR 64
  • IR 8
  • IR 36
  • IR 20
  • IR 50
  • PR 11
  • PR 14
  • GR 11
  • Pusa 677
  • Sona Masoori
  • Swarna
  • Ponni
  • Samba
  • Joha and many more...

Quality Assurance:
We pay close attention to the details, for us each grain matters. At Bahuvida Limited, success is dependent upon the collective effort and expertise of in house specialists. Our rice products promise wholesome and clean deliverables each time from a comprehensive system of training and testing. The quality assurance staff maximizes results through development of benchmarks, research and informed decisions from in depth product knowledge and analysis.

At each level of our sourcing and supply process, we follow strict guidelines and procedures that require constant evaluation of the products. We align with various regulatory agencies to engage all aspects of rice production (right from selection to delivery) to comply with good manufacturing practices. At Bahuvida, every employee hands on experience and precautionary measures add up to equal a total quality management approach. We keep getting better at what we do..!