Network Augmentation

Traditionally, warehouses in India were broadly classified into public, bonded, government and co-operative warehouses. Lately, the concepts of cold chains, Container Freight Stations (CFS) and Inland Container Depots (ICD) have been gaining importance. Increasing post-harvest losses have propelled the development of warehouses to enable the storage of agricultural produce almost throughout the year. Similarly, growing international trade and food manufacturing activity has led to growing agro commodity trade and a greater emphasis on the concept of Fully Owned Private Warehouses along with Private Mandi's for easy shipments and reduced pilferage of cargo. This will enable farmers to get utmost best rates for their agri produces within the defined time bound when compared with Govt. Agricultural Market Yards.

These warehouses and mandi's are fully owned by Bahuvida Limited and are used exclusively for the commodities owned, imported by or on behalf of the licensee. Those Warehouses and Mandi's are going to be established with the capacity of 3 million MT in Phase-I by Bahuvida Limited in strategic locations as mentioned below categorically:

Such a market-led business model can enhance the competitiveness of Indian agriculture and trigger a virtuous cycle of higher productivity, higher incomes, enlarged capacity for farmer risk management, larger investments and higher quality and productivity. Further, a growth in rural incomes will also unleash the latent demand for industrial goods so necessary for the continued growth of the Indian economy. This will create another virtuous cycle propelling the economy into a higher growth trajectory.