Maize is the third most important grain in India after rice and wheat. Currently it is cultivated over 8.12 million hectors, contributing nearly 8% in the national food basket. Maize contributes Rs.100 billion to the agricultural GDP at current prices apart from providing employment to nearly 100 million man-days at the farm and downstream agricultural and industrial sectors. In addition to staple food for human being and quality feed for animals, maize serves as a basic raw material to the industry for production of starch, oil, alcoholic beverages, and food sweeteners. Being a potential crop in India, maize occupies an important place as a source of human food, animal feed, poultry feed, industries mainly such as starch and breweries.

India is the 6th largest producer of maize in the world. With three cropping seasons, India produces over 20MMT's of maize and exports around 20% of the produce every year. Apart from domestic market, the major export destinations are Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, UAE, Korea etc.

Bahuvida Limited has PAN India presence with experienced professionals and strategic alliance partners/suppliers/vendors that help to source high quality maize from various locations across the country. This presence helps us to procure quality products directly from the farmers and local agricultural market yards and meet the specific requirements of poultry, starch and animal feed customers and also international clients as well. Bahuvida Limited is experienced in handling high volumes, while meeting the specific quality requirements of customers across various industries and global markets.