^Jute, also known as "Golden Fibre" is a long, soft and silky shining fibre extracted from the Corchorus. Jute is a rainfed plant thriving in humid climate and requiring minimal use of fertilizers and pesticides. The fibre extracted from the jute is used in making sacking, hessian bags, yarns and other derivatives.^We, Bahuvida Limited are one of the recognized Raw Jute traders in India, having decades of experience in supplying the high quality raw jute around the globe. We specialized in the imports and exports of the raw jute for the top jute products manufacturers in India and abroad as well.^The raw jute trade is centered mainly on Bangladesh and the Indian state of West Bengal. The major producing country of jute is Bangladesh, due to its natural fertile soil. Over the years, we have made excellent relationships with several raw jute suppliers in Bangladesh. As a result, we are counted among one of the most approached Indian jute importers. The trust of Indian jute mills on us, encourage us to provide top quality raw jute at competitive prices throughout the year. We are in strong association with the jute suppliers and export raw jute to the clients across the world markets that deal in the jute business.

Some of the facts about Jute:^Jute is completely biodegradable and environmentally friendly. Jute can blend into mother earth in just 2 to 3 years without producing any toxic fumes.^Jute is the second most important vegetable fibre after cotton noted for its various uses and applications.^Jute bags are strong, durable with high insulating and anti-static properties.^Jute products are economically cheaper due to recyclability and long life.^Increasing awareness about the environment protection has led to a surge of jute bags demand from consumers. A large number of retailers, hypermarkets, food suppliers among others now prefer to use jute bags.^A large number of corporate houses have been focusing on environmentally friendly practices. One of the outcomes is to cut down on non-recyclable items and use nature friendly products like jute. This promotes CSR of the company.^Recent ban on the use of plastic bags in some cities has put jute bags as a perfect substitute.

We are counted in the list of trusted importers of raw jute in India. We believe in serving our domestic clients with best of our competency. With our ready available raw jute stocks at our domestic and foreign suppliers, we are capable of handling bulk quantity requirements of the domestic jute mills and jute derivatives manufacturers while we are very particular in delivering the consignments in stipulated time frame.