^Bahuvida Limited is one of the premium Raw Fertilizers importers in India. the main objective of the company is to satisfy and to give fastest deliveries to the manufacturers. This is enabled by an expert team of self-driven personnel, with rich experience in agri inputs. We are among the largest raw fertilizers importing company in India who can meet almost 50% of agri inputs. We bridge the gap between foreign suppliers and micro, small and medium fertilizers manufacturers in India. Our raw fertilizers are supplied to customers in India on high-seas basis. Secured credit could be provided against letters of credit or bank guarantees or any such financial instruments.^Bahuvida's essential commodities division is handled by a team of experienced professionals which is supported by almost two decades of international trading experience in commodities. Bahuvida Limited has built this unique position for itself through its continued presence for about two decades in the commodities arena domestically. It has remained a trusted brand for the exporters and clients across the country as a result of its undisputed transparency in dealings and commitment to contractual trade terms. Bahuvida Limited has built a niche for itself and has been extending the benefit of its decades of experience in importing, selling and excellent networking, which has been continuously adding value in business practice. As a result, Bahuvida Limited remains the unique source for importing of all raw fertilizers in India. We would like to assure all our suppliers and buyers across the country a most transparent and efficient trade experience in raw fertilizers.

Mono Ammonium Phosphate - NPK 12:61:00^We are proud to introduce ourselves as raw Mono Ammonium Phosphate importers in India. This is a conventional form of fertilizer which is employed in order to improve the fertility of the soil. The main constituents of this product are NH4+ and H2PO4. These constituents are helps in retaining the fertility of the soil thus improving its productivity.

Mono Potassium Phosphate - NPK 00:52:34^Bahuvida Limited is one of the largest importers of high quality raw Mono Potassium Phosphate in India. It is highly demanded in the agricultural sector because of the fact that it enhances the fertility of the soil. It is 100% water soluble fertilizer quickly dissolves to provide the essential plant nutrients, phosphorus and potassium. Since P and K are specially structured and designed, this gives an excellent growth in all the stages of crop namely seedling stage, vegetative stage, reproductive stage and ripening stage. We import high quality 100% water soluble raw Mono potassium Phosphate fertilizer from China, Brazil, Israel, Taiwan and Turkey. We have number of trusted and long term suppliers globally who are highly conscious about quality of their raw product.

Urea Phosphate - NPK 17:44:00^If you are looking for raw Urea Phosphate suppliers to get excellent quality product, then Bahuvida Limited is perfect destination for all your requirements. Being a premium importer, we understand the requirements of the urea manufacturing industry in India. To meet the requirements of the industry, we import our product with proper scientific proportions. The use of this helps in improving the fertility of the soil, thus enhancing its productivity. As we are a noted urea importer in India, we ensure timely delivery of your specific consignments in bulk and raw forms.

Diammonium Phosphate - NPK 18:46:00^We, at Bahuvida Limited an integrated raw fertilizers importers in India will provide high quality of raw Diammonium Phosphate to Indian manufacturers. This product is widely used to enhance the fertility of the soil. It is a source for phosphorus and nitrogen which are essential ingredients for soil growth. The adding of this in the soil helps in regulating its fertility, thus making it more productive. We understand the requirements of the Indian agricultural fertilizers manufacturing industry and import our raw products in recommended proportion of ingredients.

Calcium Ammonium Nitrate^Bahuvida Limited is one of the pioneers in the industry for its excellent quality raw fertilizers. We are one of the leading Calcium Ammonium Nitrate importers in India. This is a conventional form of raw fertilizer which is employed in order to alter the structure of the soil. When this gets dissolved in water, it dissociates into calcium, nitrogen and ammonia. These ingredients are very much essential in enhancing the productivity of the soil. Moreover, nitrogen and calcium also provides significant nourishment to the plants.^^NPK 15:15:15^Bahuvida Limited got respected image in domestic SME fertilizers manufacturing sector. We are counted as foremost water soluble raw NPK fertilizers importers in India. This form of raw fertilizer helps in improving the productivity of the agriculture crops. Addition of this in the soil helps in improving the quantity of the soil, thus making it more fertile. All the making processing of this raw fertilizer takes place in our foreign suppliers world-class processing units. This helps us in maintaining premium quality in our products. As prominent raw NPK 15:15:15 importer, we are capable of fulfilling Indian fertilizers manufacturing industry requirements in stipulated time frame.^^Zinc Sulphate Heptahydrate 21%^We are recommended in the Indian market as noteworthy raw Zinc Sulphate Heptahydrate 21% importer. This is soluble fertilizer which enhances the fertility and productivity of the soil. All the manufacturing process of this raw product takes place at our foreign supplier's factories. Our competent professionals select excellent quality raw fertilizer to import. With our ready available stocks at our supplier place, we can easily cater to the requirements of bulk orders in India. Being prominent raw Zinc Sulphate Heptahydrate 21% importer, we ensure that our Indian clients get order deliver in time.

Magnesium Sulphate^Bahuvida Limited has emerged as a leading importer of raw Magnesium Sulphate that is ready available with our foreign suppliers in different forms and specifications. We ensured that according to Indian standards and norms, these products are delivered in different packaging to meet our Indian client's needs.^^Sulphur Granular^It is used to manufacture numerous products including fertilizers, chemicals, paints, rubber products, medicines, fibers, sugar, detergents, plastics, paper and many other products. Sulphur also is a vital nutrient for crops, animals, and people. With a team of experienced personals and most advanced manufacturing facilities with our foreign suppliers, Bahuvida Limited is able to offer premium grade raw Sulphur. It is easily soluble in water and used on any plants as fertilizer or raw materials.

Urea Granular^Urea is one of the most highlighted and economical nitrogenous fertilizers that is available in Prilled and Granular form as well. It is required several times during the crops growing season as compared to other fertilizers like phosphate and potassium.^Urea has 46% of nitrogen content and higher concentration. It is considered as an ideal basis of nitrogen for all types of crops and major ingredient for melamine and other industrial products. Urea is considered as a basic requirement for all kinds of crops for their growth. The product is available with us in raw form, large quantities and is completely tested under the strict supervision of experts while importing. We offer Urea origin from China, Russia, UAE, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia and Iran. Bahuvida Limited is recognized as one of the reckoned importers and suppliers of Urea in India.^Bahuvida Limited has earned huge recognition in domestic and global markets for its excellent quality raw fertilizers imports in In