Black Gram

Black Gram is also known as Black Lentil and Urad Dal. This variety of pulses is being cultivated in India since ancient times. Later it has been introduced to other tropical areas of the world by sub content immigrants. Now it is found in many areas of Asia and Africa. Its nutritional value is high and that is why it is recommended for diabetics. Bahuvida Limited offers the two most popular varieties, the black gram FAQ and black gram SQ which is directly sourced from Indian farmers. We at Bahuvida Limited serve our clients as a trusted business partners and committed to mutually shared value and believe in achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction.

The main producing countries of black gram are India and Myanmar. While India produces 1.5 MMT annually but it consumes the whole products. Internationally black gram consists of more than 40% of total legume seed traded in the world. We trade and export superior quality black gram domestically and also in the global market. We offer our clients black gram products through our vast sourcing network based in India. We make sure you get high quality black gram at competitive price and of course the swift delivery of your order.

We are the leading direct originator and largest black gram sourcing company in India. We offer multiple agri products, varieties and quality specifications across all commodities including black gram. Our service areas embellish in providing complete trading solutions to our clients, we have a formidable track record and are distinguished for the expertise of the team in our manage, along with good esteem of our clients and our reputation for unyielding work ethics.

We, as an organization, pride its values around its people, competitiveness, quality of delivery and global relationship. We have a good idea over international and domestic market prices with the magnitude of its volume. Bahuvida Limited undertakes comprehensive food safety and quality management procedures to ensure all its food and feed products meet the highest international standards.

Why us:

  • Integrated value chain, linking farmers, large and small black gram suppliers to the global markets.
  • Vast network of suppliers to acquire best quality black gram in most competitive prices.
  • Capable of taking care of bulk requirements of clients.
  • fresh quality, fair price, on time delivery.
  • Securing competitive prices through bulk buying;
  • Our products qualities are backed by renewed agencies.
  • Large warehousing facilities having proximity to rail-heads and ports.
  • Bulk packaging of the black gram, ranging from 5Kg to 50Kg according to the buyers requirements.