Black Eyed Beans

Black Eyed Beans are also known as Black Eyed Pea, Goat Pea and Chawli Dal is identifiable through a typical black dot at the centre. The black eyed beans are interchangeably called as black eyed peas. The light cream coloured small beans have a sweet, delicious taste and smooth texture. We export superior quality black eyed beans in all varieties from India.

Bahuvida Limited is a fast evolving agro commodities trading house that has remarkable footprint in the Indian market. We have a strong, enthusiastic and permanent sourcing team to handle customer requests. We focus on delivering high quality black eyed beans, in a timely manner and at the most competitive price. Our strength lies in having a really strong vendor base across the country.

We have been dealing black eyed beans at domestic and international markets since two decades. We always ensure the black eyed beans we supply must go through under certain quality control procedures and we always deal with those suppliers who meet such criteria. So we could offer you unmatched quality of the black eyed beans. We supply this commodity as per client required specifications and packaging. We source, trade and export black eyed beans at highly competitive rates comparing to the market and we always take care of our clients in sense to save their cost and reduce their efforts in procurement.