Bahuvida Limited has a strong presence across India with zonal operations. Our effective networks enable us to conduct business in a diverse set of states, where complex regulations are often prominent. Since inception, we have developed a high level of local expertise and establishing offices, warehouses, and logistic assets across the country.

Growing middle-class populations and urbanization are creating a change in consumption habits in India. There is an increasing demand for agro commodities. This impacts the need for many products that Bahuvida originates and merchandizes. Strong global demand for agro commodities is driving our exports business from the country. Rising human food, poultry and dairy consumption across the nation is fueling demand for output from our supply chain facilities.

We are a significant buyer and exporter of Rice and Maize in southern India, and an active participant in the trading of other agro commodities such as Wheat, Jowar, Barley, Soya Bean, Pulses, Millets, Sugar, Spices and Edible Oils in north, east, western and central parts of India. We source, process, store and merchandize all varieties of agro commodities, and contribute to the sustainable development of agriculture in these 5 regions. We are responding to rapidly developing flows between India, as well as exports to other global locations where we maintain a strong origination presence in key markets such as Southeast Asia, Middle East and Africa.

Bahuvida initiated to provide state-of-the-art temperature controlled storage through an integrated and modern PAN India warehousing network to maximize efficiency and reduce post harvest losses. Through the development of extra large-size owned warehouses with modernized silo storage and handling solutions, Bahuvida aim's to significantly maximize harvest produce with high-quality storage, protection from pest infestation and pilferage to increase agricultural income. Beside of this, we are also introducing India's 1st of its kind Private Mandi's/Agricultural Market Yard's where farmers can get assured minimum guaranty prices for their agri produces. We have been developing our origination, warehouses, private mandi's and logistic capabilities in the country with a number of major investments by FY 2019-20. This includes pioneering joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions in the Indian market.

Network Augmentation
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Traditionally, warehouses in India were broadly classified into public, bonded, government and co-operative warehouses. Lately, the concepts of cold chains, Container Fre ...

Procurement of Commodities
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The agro commodities supply chain in India suffers from a severe disconnect between end buyers and farmers. While farmers need to be able to sell their produce at fair ...

Warehousing and Quality Control
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Bahuvida Limited is establishing an end-to-end supply chain network by creating Private Mandi's/Agricultural Market Yard's to provide warehousing, handling and transpor ...

Collateral and Banking Management
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Lack of awareness and poor access to credit are the biggest constraints due to which farmers are unable to make right choices about selling their farm produces. Liquidity ...