Essential Commodities

We are committed to helping the India thrive. We create connections across the global commodity markets. We are Bahuvida Limited; and we are one of the India's leading marketers of essential commodities. We source coffee, cotton, fertilizers, jute, metals & minerals, petroleum products, salt, tea and tobacco from producers in the main export areas and supply them and their value added products to our clients around the globe. This means sourcing, storing them, transporting commodity by road, rail and sea; and delivering them on time, to the quality and specifications our clients expect.

For more than two decades, the people of Bahuvida transforming crops into commodities that serves the vital needs of a growing world. Today, we are one of the India's largest essential commodity traders, with more than 150 employees, 18 states network and 250+ suppliers serving customers all over the world. With more than 90 products and global value chain we connect the producer to purchaser and enabling our customers making products for foods, feeds and industrial uses.

We operate on integrated business verticals to procure, stack, trade and distribute essential commodities. Our supply chain efficiency combined with origin and logistical flexibility enables us to deliver significant value to our clients around the globe. We also work closely with NBFC's and banks to offer a range of financial support to our suppliers and buyers as well.

Our two decades of experience in the Indian commodity market give us both insight and experience which we combine with our business network and strong relationships with suppliers to provide clients with unrivalled levels of services.^As one of the India's premium agribusiness company, Bahuvida touches the lives of thousands of people every day. Our essential commodities for foods, feeds and industrial uses connect the producer to purchaser in 18 states. To accomplish this task, we look for the best, brightest, and most innovative suppliers with which to partner. Together, we can achieve our goals to provide exceptional commodities and service to buyers around the globe.^We market essential commodities to manufacturers, feed makers, importers, distributors and governments across the global markets. Our business network and ability to supply any essential commodity from different continents means we can always meet buyers' needs.

Bahuvida Vision

We, Bahuvida Limited is one of the most reputed and recognized Indian coffee exporters, having decades of experience in supplying the highest quality Indian coffee around ...

Bahuvida Vision

India is the second largest producer of Raw Cotton in the world, producing 40 million bales (each 170kgs) and exporting more than 10 million bales to the global markets. ...

Bahuvida Vision

Bahuvida Limited is one of the premium Raw Fertilizers importers in India. the main objective of the company is to satisfy and to give fastest deliveries to the manufact ...

Bahuvida Vision

Jute, also known as "Golden Fibre" is a long, soft and silky shining fibre extracted from the Corchorus. Jute is a rainfed plant thriving in humid climate and requiring ...

Metals & Minerals
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Bahuvida Limited is one of the pioneers in domestic and international trading of Metals and Minerals. we undertake imports and exports of diverse range of products such a ...

Petroleum Products
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Bahuvida Limited is a trusted global player providing cutting edge solutions to our buyers. We are one of the largest importers of petroleum products in India. as an Indi ...

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Bahuvida Limited has distinguished itself by being India's one of the leading raw salt exporter. With a continuous emphasis on quality, sourcing and supply, Bahuvida Limi ...

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India is the world's highest consumer of tea and the second highest producer as well including the world's most popular varieties like Assam, Darjeeling and Nilgiri teas ...

Bahuvida Vision

We, Bahuvida Limited are one of the premium Tobacco trading companies in India. since incorporated we have evolved into a highly reputed trading company with the activiti ...