Agro Commodities

India is one of the world's largest food grains producers, the second largest rice and vegetables producer, making it one of the world's agricultural powerhouses with global agricultural trade on a sustained rise coupled with robust economic growth across the world, the agro sector has number of trade opportunities in its offing, which is an important contributor to India's growth story. The total food production in India is likely to increase substantially in the coming years which will throw enormous opportunities for large scale investments in food and food warehousing, logistics management and processing.

Bahuvida Limited's agro commodities business is focused on trading in various agro products in India and internationally. The company has been trading and merchandising Basmati, NonBasmati, Pulses, Grains, Fruits, Vegetables, Spices, Sugar, Edible Oil, Sea Foods and various agro based products in all the principal world markets and to the end users in major consumption markets. Capitalizing on India's vast geographical spread and range of resources, Bahuvida Limited is successfully providing superior quality range of products under the brand name of SUNDAY to its buyers all over the world. The company is present in every aspect of trade of bulk agro commodities from importing, merchant trading, trading, exporting and doing third country trade.

The top level management of the company is highly professional, qualified and experienced team in the foreign trade business with the background of working in the various multinational agro commodities trading companies. Such rich experience and skills set of both international and domestic trade practices make Bahuvida Limited well equipped to capitalize on the market opportunities in the most profitable way. We know how global markets are changing and becoming more complex and volatile day by day. We always follow such changes and keep our knowledge base up to date.

Driven by the consumption and production disparity in the agro sector, Bahuvida Limited has made efforts to tap the opportunities in the said sector. The company has been successful in grabbing its due share in domestic and international markets. Through our presence in commodities trading business, Bahuvida Limited tries to maintain the balance between profitmaking and giving back to the society which goes hand in hand with our ultimate goal of contributing into India's target of inclusive growth. We at Bahuvida Limited are happy in being a part of making India's GDP stronger and better in the near future.

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Bahuvida Limited is a bulk trading company, which is involved in commercial operations with agro commodities, especially in grain trading. We connect farmers, small trade ...

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Pulses are high in fiber and protein, yet low in fat, with zero cholesterol count. It provides iron, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc and other minerals that play a vital role ...

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Cereals are considered as the most essential commodity for the survival of human beings. India's cereal production for 2017-18 is around 250 MMT's. We, Bahuvida Limited h ...

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We at Bahuvida Limited source and supply various agricultural seeds in India and worldwide. The company was started with a commitment in supplying quality seeds and conti ...

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Sugar trading is our forte, characterized by large volume trade in domestic market and a notable presence in global trade. We at Bahuvida Limited export Indian white crys ...

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Edible Oils
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Edible oils are one of the most important agro commodities in any economy. India is one of the largest producers of oilseeds in the world and this sector occupies an impo ...