We believe sustainability for Bahuvida is based on its ability to co-create value for the business and all our stakeholders, while following the highest standards of governance, accountability and transparency at all times. We have accordingly defined our approach in terms of two material aspects.

Sustainable Impact

Bahuvida's core proposition is to co-create social and business value. By addressing the critical need for efficiency in the commodity supply chain, we ensure the growth of our business and all market participants. By simultaneously working to build the capacity of farmers, we support their inclusion in the market. We are committed to this inclusive growth path as it is the only real solution for transforming the agro commodity sector and socioeconomic development in rural India.

Through our commodity supply chain, we contribute towards food security by:
  • Reducing wastage through scientific and modern storage techniques.
  • Keeping prices in check by facilitating high returns to farmers.
  • Managing large quantities for the private companies that eventually go into the food production system.
  • Private Mandi's / Agricultural Market Yards

    Bahuvida Limited aims to improve farmer access to markets by building modern, organized agri trade and marketing infrastructure across India. This means establishing physical as well as electronic trading platforms and Private Mandi’s/Agricultural Market Yard’s that are efficient, professionally managed and responsive to farmers and market needs. With its India’s first-of-itskind Private Mandi/Agricultural Market Yard yet to opened in Guntur, Andhra Pradesh. Our Private Mandi’s/Agricultural Market Yards are the special purpose initiatives that are going to be bridge the gap between farmer and end user along with sophisticated warehouse facilities.