Agricultural investments for more productivity and sustainability; for food and feed to become cheaper and more plentiful, Indian agriculture sector must become more productive, efficient and sustainable. More importantly need to be reduced post-harvest lose. It calls for enormous investment volumes. We at Bahuvida Limited support this financial need for farmers and rural traders with a wide offering that minimum support price for all of their agro commodities for greater food security in India. Why because, agriculture sector with its upstream and downstream industries are the key contributors to Indian economic growth.

How Bahuvida supports growth and change in Indian agriculture:
  • India has progressively emerged as a major agricultural powerhouse during the past few decades: A net importer of agro products in the 1970s, now the country ranks among the world’s five largest agri producers and exporters. While India now serves as a model for many developing countries, thanks to this impressive achievement. But the other side of the coin, Indian agricultural production must double to meet future needs... but faces significant challenges. According to many studies, the India’s agricultural production must increase by substantial amounts to meet demand for food and feed. Moreover, the India’s food production suffers from gross complexity, which results in enormous inefficiencies.
  • To address those issues, we enable ourselves to invest throughout the entire agricultural value chain, including innovation and technology. Partnerships or direct investments are one way of doing this; tri-party partnership that provides farmers and rural traders with additional capital, either directly or through NBFC’s or through local banking system. Further, to maximize the productive potential of investments in the sector and to facilitate domestic and global trade, we and our partners are investing in development of Warehouses, Private Mandi’s and allied infrastructure in rural areas.
  • Our Goal: Bring last farmer of this country into the agricultural transformation and its inclusive growth story.