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Our Request for Quotation's (RFQ's) is a type of procurement and contract solicitation and standard business procedure to invite our registered contractors into a work contract execution process to quote on specific project work. We use this platform to receive correct bids from time to time; an RFQ document provides comprehensive information to the contractor concerning the requirements. The RFQ is typically broken into four sections: the preparation phase, processing phase, awarding phase, and the closing phase. The RFQ document includes bill of quantities, type of work, work location, payment terms, factors influencing quote selection, bid submission deadline, and other necessary information required for quote consideration. Bharat Nirman Limited will award the work to the contractor that meets the qualifying criteria and who submits the lowest bid quote. After the RFQ process, our Planning & Procurement department normally conducts a board discussion to determine the fair market value of the work/services.

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