Pulses are high in fiber and protein, yet low in fat, with zero cholesterol count. It provides iron, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc and other minerals that play a vital role in maintaining a healthy and balanced diet. The global pulses market is estimated at 70 MMT annually and India is both the largest producer and consumer of the pulses.

India grows a variety of pulses crops under a wide range of agro climate conditions and is recognized globally as one of the major player in pulses contributing around 25-28% of the total global production. A liberal trade regime has kept imports in the country around 25 lakh tonnes per annum i.e. 20-25% of domestic production. India's pulse production during the last 10 years varied in the range of 11 to 15 MMT; area under pulse cultivation is 12.85 million hectares and yields range averagely between 1,000 to 1,200 kg per hectare per annum.

Bahuvida Limited has PAN India presence with experienced sourcing professionals and permanent vendors to supply pulses around the world. The pulses we can export 100% Indian origin offering the best prices through reduced overheads while maintaining the highest quality through our rigid quality assurance. We work actively with the most experienced processors to provide the best quality care to our customers in terms of product quality, shipment handling, customer satisfaction and competitive price.

We link pulses producers and consumers across the globe; we have earned a reputation for being reliable and consistent. Our customers count on us to produce the pulses they need for their business; and they know we will provide exactly what's been contracted, whatever the market conditions. Whether facing economic changes, market volatility or logistics concerns, we will use our decades of trade experience to manage those risks and meet our commitments. We trade pulses domestically and export the same in high quality as required by our customers for all kind of special crops, our team pay personal attention for every shipment. We monitor shipments from loading to unloading with the knowledge and expertise in international trade.

The major pulses we deal with:

  • Adzuki Beans, Chori Dal.
  • Bengal Gram, Chana Dal.
  • Black Eyed Beans, Chawli Dal.
  • Black Gram, Urad Dal.
  • Green Gram, Moong Dal.
  • Green Peas, Vatana Dal.
  • Kidney Beans, Rajma.
  • Red Lentils, Masoor Dal.
  • Turkish Gram, Matki Dal.
  • White Peas, Vatana Dal.
  • Yellow Pigeon Peas, Toor Dal.

Ethics and transparency:
Our unwavering commitment to ethics and honesty has allowed us to gain loyal customers, including large multinationals.

Exports experience:
The two decades of experience, coupled with knowledge gained from dealing with customers and suppliers in various continents, has taught us the intricacies of quality assurance and world class communication and documentation.

Logistical flexibility:
Our presence in almost all major ports and 18 major pulses growing regions in India allows us exceptional logistical flexibility. It allows us to remain competitive while offering faster order-to-ETD timelines.

Import for commission sales:
Pulses suppliers around the globe can take advantage of the massive Indian market. We sell the pulses in India on behalf of the overseas suppliers, giving the suppliers access to the Indian market without the hassle of physical operations in India. We operate with 100% transparency and honesty with our foreign suppliers. Over time, we had gained the trust of the biggest pulses exporters in different countries for consignment imports.

  • We share Indian market outlook.
  • We give honest advice so you can decide if you want to ship cargo to India.
  • We import the cargo into India and bring cargo to our warehouses in Kakinada and across India.
  • We constantly discuss the market conditions with you and sell the cargo as per your instructions.
  • We remit sale proceeds to you after deducting expenses (labour, local logistics, warehouse, etc...) and our commission. We share a detailed expense report showing all expenses deducted.
  • We believe in exploring collaborative opportunities with partners to build a sustainable and synergistic business. Our strong network in India combined with our experience in global trading and distribution will help us nurture and grow this client oriented business.

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